Workshop Sketches of Emotion based on Bodylanguage

Together with the Belgian Choreographer and dancer Justine Copette, I give workshops on body language. The workshop aims to explore the interaction between movement and the visual arts by children and adults. During the workshop, we want to create an intergenerational and intercultural dialogue that helps people from different generations and cultures to talk to each other. The experience is an opportunity to discover one's own creativity and physicality.

Objectives :

  • Learn to work from emotion, eliminating thought.
  • Make the creative process central and representation secondary
  • Acquire greater confidence in using our body as a means of communication.
  • To explore the link between the expressive qualities of body movement
    and the expressive qualities of drawing
  • Develop the ability to participate in group activities
  • Gain confidence in yourself and others while learning to appreciate differences
  • Learn to interact with others non-verbally, expressing different emotions in a positive way.

Who is the workshop for?

The workshop is open to teachers, dancers, artists, children or
anyone who is simply curious about our methods. Ages 6 to 99.